About us

In early 1940’s Nawab Khan started working in a Stainless Steel Mill, in the famous city of Lahore as an apprentice machinist. Nawab had a passion to grow and create, Soon his elder son grew to the age to help him in making his earnings. Nawab’s son used to work with him in the day times and used to study in the evening as he had an urge to know the things that he knew not.The dial of time did not stop and Nawab Khan with his family, shifted to the city of Iqbal in year 1956 with a hope of better earnings.Here his son, Yaqub, grew enough to take the responsibility of running the family almost single handedly. Yaqub started working in the local surgical industry and with the passing time, the experience, and the challenges; the nature crafted him to a master of his field and he became famous in very early age as a perfect machinist and technician. Here in 1971, his elder son joined his hands to add to his energies. The increased demand of his skill in the local industry gave him the courage and confidence that he decided to set up his own business. As the luck favors the braves, the same thing happened and a small business established at a small building at Habib Pura proved to be a great success. At this stage in 1980, Tariq, the younger brother of Khalid, entered the business to strengthen Yaqub’s muscles, in the accomplishment of his mission as sole producer of the surgical instruments.In 1980, YKT was formally founded and started it’s an ever living journey of achievements. Later Khalid contributed to add to the competencies of his elders. He served the business as he was equipped with education that proved to be a joint leap for YKT as Khalid made the first ever international trip for YKT. On his journey he was successful in winning a number of customers and brands. During the period Tariq shadowed Yaqub and acquired the necessary talent and skills of the field. This happened to be a prelude to an everlasting success for YKT. Later Khalid moved to US and is holding the various business related matter from there.Tariq being passionate and obsessed with the business kept adding newer ideas, skills and energy. With all this YKT made possible mounting more heights, more milestones. As YKT stepped into a modern era of technology in 1995 offering a reliable platform for the upcoming generation.In 2005, to meet the pace of the market dynamism, Hammad Afzal joined the business as the technical brain of YKT. Hammad; a combination of technology, accounting and marketing became the idea man of YKT.